SiteLibrary Web Directory 2003 - 2010

Established in 2002, SiteLibrary Web Directory was a listing of sites on the World Wide Web, organized into categories according to the subject of each website. Ambitious and eventually overwhelming. However for a number of years it was a handy reference and a haven for Web Wanderers.
Content is from the site's 2003 - 2010 archived pages providing a glimpse of what SiteLibrary Web Directory offered its readership.


Helping to connect the pieces of the web.

SiteLibrary is a collective effort to organize favorites into one 'site library' of searchable links. Bookmarks Parking has individual categories available. The Portal features forums, Web logs, and Internet information resources. All are welcome. SiteLibrary strives to maintain a directory of family-safe websites that also meet quality standards. Each site is reviewed by an editor before being listed.

Site of the Moment:

Nostalgic motor inn simplicity, design influenced by the San Juan Island elements, and an onsite spa make this motel and spa the Friday Harbor lodging choice to make. Online room selection and booking.

SiteLibrary is a general directory covering a variety of topics. Sites of interest may be found by navigating the categories from a relevant subject in the main index, or the built-in search engine may be used for finding a site on a particular topic.

Web Directory Main Index

SiteLibrary is a general directory covering a variety of topics. Sites of interest may be found by navigating the categories from a relevant subject in the main index, or the built-in search engine may be used for finding a site on a particular topic.

Websites listed at SiteLibrary Web Directory are submitted by members of the public and by editors. Free listings are offered to those sites that are not for commercial profit and that are considered to be of benefit to the public. The free listing application link can be found on the regular business site submission page for any category. Approval of free listing applications is based on editor review. All submissions are screened before approval and are subject to the guidelines and to editor discretion. Only family-safe sites are accepted.

Up-to-date newsfeeds are available for every topic at every level for webmasters seeking relevant content to add to their sites. Directions for making use of these feeds are available on the "Newsfeeds" page.




Site Submission Instructions
To submit your site, please navigate to the most suitable subcategory. 

Arts and Humanities Education,Arts Communities, Arts Directories,Design Arts, Handicrafts, History,Language, Literature, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Visual Arts
To Business, Auctions,Automobiles, Charities, Classifieds,Consumer Information,Employment, Merchandise, Real Estate, Services, Training
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Games, Hobbies, Outdoors, Pets,Sports, Travel, Weblogs,Online Shopping, Picture Rankings,Television, Video Rentals, Weblogs

Academic Writing, Dictionaries,Encyclopedias, Genealogy, Maps,Measurements, Quotations,Reference Directories
Countries, Regions
Science Supplies and Equipment,Agriculture, Alternative Science,Biology, Chemistry, Environment,Mathematics, Nature, Physical,Social, Technology
Consumer Information, Economics,Faiths and Practices, Fashion,Folklore, Groups, Holidays and Events, Law, Media, Personal Home Pages, Politics, Relationships,Social Issues, Social Science,Virtual Communities, Weblogs
Travel Directories, Consolidators,Cruises and Charters, Destinations,Guides, Insurance, Lodging,Passport and Travel Visa Services,Personal Diaries and Galleries,Transportation, Weblogs



Example of Listings Under ARTS / LITERATURE

Austen for Beginners
Jane Austen for beginners. Who she was, what she wrote. Texts of her novels. Plot summaries, quotes, links to other sites of interest to Austen fans.
Offers free online access to classic reading materials in reference, verse, fiction, and non-fiction.

Flowers, flower gardening, and flower fairies with a collection of flower fairy stories.

Book reviews. In Italian.
Recensioni, sinstesi e commenti dei libri della mia biblioteca.

Literature Collection
Free online literature. Features authors like Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Alexandre Dumas, Jack London.

Source for information related to literature such as poetry, fiction, hypertext, hypermedia, or hyperfiction.

Project Gutenberg       
Produces and provides free electronic books.

Saggi e traduzioni su Tokien
Site with essays, translations and genealogies concerning Tolkien, in Italian.

Sito contenente saggi, traduzioni dalla History di Tolkien, genealogie.

The Modern Word
Devoted to exploring twentieth-century experimental literature. Features columns, collections, news, interviews, and links. Offers 'Spiral-Bound' free e-newsletter subscriptions.

The Penn Group Professional Business Writing Service
A professional ghost writer service specializing in novels, screenplays, biographies, and web content.

Travel Writing Guide
A guide for new travel writers.

WJA Memoir Writer
From proof-reading to full ghost writing, a professional memoir-writing service including self publishing and book production. UK based.



Example of Granular Listings

Title: Austen for Beginners     
Site Description: Jane Austen for beginners. Who she was, what she wrote. Texts of her novels. Plot summaries, quotes, links to other sites of interest to Austen fans.
Non-English Description:
Keywords: Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, Emma, Mansfield Park, Austen for beginners, Jane Austen start here.
Category: Literature
Date Submitted: May 25, 2006
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Title: Floramora
Site Description: Flowers, flower gardening, and flower fairies with a collection of flower fairy stories.
Non-English Description:
Keywords: flowers, fairies, gardens, gardening, stories, fairy song, fables
Category: Literature
Date Submitted: Sep 8, 2006
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Submission Guidelines

SiteLibrary Web Directory welcomes addition of well-designed sites with interesting content. Most sites will be gladly approved as soon as possible, provided they adhere to the following guidelines:

SiteLibrary strives to maintain content that is safe for viewing by visitors of any age. Therefore any sites that would not usually be considered appropriate for viewers of any age will not be approved for a listing.
Positive focus:
No site promoting illegal activity or hate will be allowed.
Websites should be at least somewhat appealing to the eye, easy to navigate, and with text that is easy to read. Really poorly designed sites (think using fonts and colors that no normal human being can read) will not be accepted.
Main URL to Site:
The highest level URL possible (e.g. in the site should be the only URL submitted to the topic most suitable. In some cases where some more specific topic exists and the site has a subsection with relevant content that enhances this existing topic, the sub-URL will be allowed a listing, but in most cases we will list only the main URL for the site.
Completed content:
We do not accept sites that are "Coming Soon", under heavy construction, etc.
Website etiquette:
Sites using an excessive amount of pop-ups or other obtrusions are not allowed.
Original and authentic:
No redirects or mirror sites. If you have two sites with duplicate content, please list only the main site. Use your real URL, not another one that points to it. Content copied off of another site will not be tolerated.
Affiliate-based sites may be listed only if we can basically take out the affiliate content and still have a good site. Affiliated sites are also fine provided that all the sites aren't identical. The main site, i.e. the site that offers the affiliate program, is acceptable, but not all the independent affiliate sites using the program.

For MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) sites: Listing every site that markets the same thing provides no real value to our visitors, thus will be avoided.

We also avoid listing sites promoting pyramid schemes AKA "Get Rich Quick Schemes", or sites focusing on getting others to sign up and not actually selling a product, with hypes such as "Send a SASE to Box 123 [...] to learn how to make thousands of dollars a month!". Such programs are often illegal.

Specific Types of Sites Not Allowed:
Certain specific types of sites are not allowed due to legal restrictions or other regulations by agencies with whom we may do business. Please see the Types of Sites Not Allowed list to make sure your site is not one of these types of sites.
Applicable Fees:
The review fee for a business site listing is $29.95 USD. This ensures a faster review, and sites that are approved under this type of review receive top position in the category along with other benefits that are promotional for the site.

Certain non-commercial sites that are of public benefit may be granted a free listing, subject to editor discretion. Along with the above guidelines, we further reserve the right to decline any request for a free listing for any reasons as we see fit.

Before Making Your Submission:
To improve your site's chances of being approved for listing, please check the following:
  1. Make sure your site meets the above guidelines.
  2. Make sure it is not on the list of types of sites not allowed.

Internet Information Portal / Webblog Posts


Welcome to SiteLibrary
... an information portal for those interested in web things such as indexing technologies, search engines, directories, semantic web, and online communities, along with cultural and other topics. SiteLibrary aims to promote the web as an interconnected system of knowledge and resources.

Most Recent Entries:

 Online File Storage

Online Web ToolsOnline Web Tools: Mar 7 2010 at 3:26 GMT by CrystalZ


Free Drive 

Free online hard drive featuring 1 GB storage space.  Upload your files, organize them into folder, and set a privacy setting for the part of or all of the content.

 348 reads


Online Web ToolsOnline Web Tools: Mar 5 2010 at 7:36 GMT by CrystalZ 

Customizable online bookmark storage.  You are able to create categories & sub-categories in which to add your bookmarks to.  Various privacy/security options are a neat feature and give you the ability to hide what you want and password protect any category you choose. 

For a small annual fee you can also fully customize the design of your storage area and add your own logo, if you choose.
 341 reads   




 Interesting Article on Evaluating Content

InternetInternet: Apr 25 2009 at 18:37 GMT by Jos

Just ran across this and it led to some interesting considerations on how to value the content found on Internet Sites. Titled "Evaluating Information Found on the Internet", it has a lot of helpful internet content evaluation concepts, yet is concise in a relatively short, easy-to-read article.


Sunday, August 22, 2010
Greenwich Meridian
Weblog : 25 Most Recent Entries


SE Optimization
A Quick and Handy Page Rank Checker
SE Optimization: 12/31/08 - 08:07:59 by Jos
Source: Updated Pagerank Checker . 

I liked this one because it was fast and seemed to be accurate.


Google Community
Internet: 12/10/08 - 22:44:01 by Jos
I guess it's a community only to discuss Google. I just now found it for the first time but it looks like it's been around for awhile. 

Source:Google Community


Searching: 12/09/08 - 20:44:39 by Jos
Happened upon "Evri" last night. It is an innovative search engine / content / connectivity interface that combines items related to the search topic all on one page, like relevant Wikipedia item, connections to related topics, business stats info, popularity graph, items, articles, and images. Searches for something only if the word or phrase already exists in the database. Pretty slow to use but interesting enough to be worth it. 

Source: Search less, understand more - Evri


SE Optimization
SEO Guide by Google
SE Optimization: 12/07/08 - 06:45:11 by Jos
Tips for search engine optimization, by Google itself, new as of November: 

Source:Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Googles SEO Starter Guide


Search Engine to find Duplicate Content
Searching: 12/03/08 - 18:45:41 by Jos
Enter a website URL in the Search form on the front page and find a list of 10 sites that appear to have the same content as that of the page in question. Shows more than 10 with a premium membership. 

Source: Copyscape - Search for Website Plagiarism and Duplicate Content Online


url shortener at
Internet: 09/24/08 - 13:14:54 by Jos
Source: url shortener at 

"Shorten that looooooooong URL into a short URL" 

Cute domain name.


Online Web Tools
Tool to Convert HTML code to Entities
Online Web Tools: 09/23/08 - 06:00:18 by Jos
For use when you have some HTML code that you want to post (as code) on a web page. Handy and fast little tool. 

Source:Convert HTML code to Entities


Myriad Search
Searching: 09/17/08 - 06:58:53 by Jos
Myriad Search . This is Aaron Wall's search engine. It's pretty neat, nice and simple, works good. Nice easy to read sets of results. You can select which major search engines of Google, Yahoo!, MSN, or Ask Jeeves to include in the results and even give them a bias setting. This is a different sort of a search engine, a refreshing change from all the complexity that sites these days seem to be having.